BioLink Therapeutics Announces Sibani Sarkar as CEO, Leading the Charge in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance


Kalna, August 8, 2023: BioLink Therapeutics, a pioneering biopharmaceutical startup dedicated to combatting antibiotic resistance and advancing generic drug pipelines, is proud to announce the appointment of Sibani Sarkar as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The decision was unanimously approved by the company's esteemed Board of Directors and marks a pivotal moment in BioLink's mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Sibani Sarkar, PhD, brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in both scientific research and strategic leadership. With a distinguished background in drug discovery and development, she is poised to lead BioLink Therapeutics into a new era of innovation and impact.

"Antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis that demands urgent attention and innovative solutions. We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Sibani Sarkar as the CEO of BioLink Therapeutics," said Anup Kumar Ghosh, Chairperson of the Board of Directors. "Sibani's exceptional track record in pharmaceutical research, coupled with her visionary leadership, make her the ideal candidate to steer our company toward groundbreaking advancements in the fight against antibiotic resistance."

Sarkar's leadership comes at a critical juncture, as BioLink Therapeutics accelerates its efforts to develop novel drug candidates that will combat antibiotic resistance and save lives. The company's dedication to pioneering research and cutting-edge technology aligns seamlessly with Sarkar's vision of driving transformative change within the pharmaceutical landscape.

In addition to its focus on antibiotic resistance, BioLink Therapeutics is committed to advancing generic drug pipelines, adopting an innovative sheath mode approach that has the potential to streamline drug development processes and bring affordable, life-saving medications to patients around the world.

"I am truly honored to join the exceptional team at BioLink Therapeutics and lead our collective efforts to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: antibiotic resistance," commented Sibani Sarkar, newly appointed CEO. "Our commitment to innovation, scientific excellence, and patient-centered solutions will be the driving force behind our pursuit of groundbreaking therapies and accessible medications."

Sibani Sarkar's appointment as CEO takes immediate effect, and she is poised to lead BioLink Therapeutics to new heights in its quest to transform healthcare and combat antibiotic resistance.

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About BioLink Therapeutics:

BioLink Therapeutics is a pioneering biopharmaceutical startup dedicated to combating antibiotic resistance and advancing generic drug pipelines through innovative research, scientific excellence, and visionary leadership. With an unwavering commitment to developing groundbreaking therapies, BioLink Therapeutics aims to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and improve global health out

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