About BioLink Therapeutics

Drug Development Startup at West Bengal

BioLink Therapeutics LLP, based at West Bengal, is focused to bring unmet solutions against antibiotic resistance using cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and pharmaceutical interventions. 

Genetic Service at Kolkata

Biolink Therapeutics is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare access through its genetic services at Kolkata, WB, India. By leveraging advanced genetic testing technologies, BioLink Therapeutics aims to empower individuals and healthcare providers with comprehensive insights into their genetic predispositions, ultimately leading to more targeted and effective healthcare interventions.

Industrial Internship on Drug Designing

Unlock your potential in the field of drug design with our exclusive industrial internship program, tailored for undergraduate and master's students in biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and biomedical engineering. This hands-on experience offers you the unique opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, gain practical skills, and apply cutting-edge techniques in drug discovery and development. Enhance your academic knowledge with real-worl... Read more

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