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About BioLink Therapeutics

Drug Development Startup at West Bengal

BioLink Therapeutics LLP, based at West Bengal, is focused to bring unmet solutions against antibiotic resistance using cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and pharmaceutical interventions. 

Finding Solutions For Antibiotic Resistance

Our intervention is based on research with the goal of locating unmet medicinal needs for human diseases related to antimicrobial resistance. We are one team with the goal of creating therapies that can save people's lives. We use research-based intervention to find unmet antimicrobial drugs for human diseases.

Our Approaches

We live in an era of tremendous scientific advancement and promise for better human health. With the increased identification of novel targets and their related modalities, our understanding of biology is rapidly expanding. Despite this, drug research costs and timeframes are increasing, and the likelihood of success is decreasing. We feel that the moment has come for a fundamental paradigm shift in medication development. Using artificial i... Read more

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